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Allchemix-Biom is speaking at ...

PCA, USA, 26 Sept 2022

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ISEO, Poland, 06 Sept 2021

IFEAT, Canada, 10 Oct 2022

IFEAT, On-line, 10 Nov 2021

FAFAI, India, 24 Feb 2023

B.E.O.A,   U.K. , 17 Mar 2023

RBSC, Belgium, 14 Sept 2023

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Allchemix-Biom  in a nutshell...

Biom-Allchemix Consultancy has 30 years of experience in ingredients to F&F, Food and Cosmetics
It works in 3 areas:

* Expertise : as a fully independent company, Biom-Allchemix takes care of providing the best advice to its clients, on strategic matters and also on various domains requiring market and product knowledge.
* Education : Biom-Allchemix aims to contribute to education, by publishing in various magazines, presenting at conferences, and sharing some of its studies and reflections on its website
* Mergers and Acquisitions : the Consultancy has been increasingly involved in commercial due diligence, supporting the search for the right partner for alliances, acquisitions, or for the sale of assets. This industry-based M&A approach creates a solid and cost-effective dynamic, perhaps a good preparation prior to involving financial institutions in the process. This promotes better long-term viability.

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Services provided by Allchemix-Biom, backed by 30 years of industry experience:

  • Merge, Alliances and Acquisitions      
    o    Commercial due diligence to assess best product and company fit in various sector

          o    Valuation of businesses, creative solutions and prospects under confidentiality protocol​s 

          o    Discussions with various Capital and Equity companies, as well as private investors

          o    Organization of meetings to foster M&A dynamics according to client requirements

  • Sales & Marketing, Product Development
    o    Market intelligence and trends
    o    Evaluation of realistic commercial opportunities
    o    In-depth competition analysis, hidden strengths and weaknesses                                   
    o    Product mapping on >500 products in  Synthetics, Essential Oils, Forest products, Biotech

    o    Facilitating sales of your ingredients to various F&F manufacturers and CGC 

          o    Exploring new Extraction techniques, access to Olfactory Receptors based technologies, etc                     

  • Sourcing & Sustainability Scorecards
    o    Production of Realistic Sustainability Scorecards for CGC
    o    Contingency : in-depth assessment of feedstock impact   

         o    Renewability assessment & improvement

         o    Sourcing of rare products, sourcing more renewable products

         o    Climate change : mapping and anticipation of migration of some naturals                                                                                 

  • Strategic Support  

         o    Strategic thinking, Industry overview and its dynamics

         o    Thinking outside the box

         o    History on what failed in F&F and why, not repeating same errors


  • Advisory Board 
    o    Combination of all above, with extended network, is a solid base to provide advices to customers in full confidentiality


"If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing." - Coco Chanel
I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Peter Sokolowski, my mentor for many years and a global expert in synthetic ingredients, and to Mr. Hugo Bovill of Ajowan Consulting, world expert in natural products. It has been a privilege to have had your support and guidance for decades.  Thank you for giving me wings to fly.

Overview of Consultancy Services Allchemix-Biom :  (Download  PDF)



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Allchemix-Biom Consultancy services vary from short assignments (min 3 months) to longer projects, screening a vast range of products (from green chemistry to forest and natural ingredients), depicting the world of producers and customers (from small scale units to large corporations). 

Allchemix-Biom provides detailed data, and make it intelligible through an in-depth understanding of the underlying F&F industry dynamics.

  Advisory board

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Allchemix-Biom offers Advisory Board services to specific companies, provided there is no conflict of interest. The company might join your advisory board for a certain time (minimum 1 year, maximum 3 years) as to provide you with the best recommendations to growth your business in the right way. 

          Commercial Due diligence

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Commercial due diligence is a service provided by Allchemix-Biom, provided the scope of such project is reasonably limited and timing does not exceed 90 days.


What makes Allchemix valuable ? 

A combination of data and industry experience, as well as understanding of the industry network, are fundamental to comprehend this changing, dynamic F&F market.

Many F&F ingredients are derivatives from various streams, often existing as  by-products from other markets.

Turbulences in other markets, consolidations, and other factors lead to volatility in F&F ingredients. Companies producing or using F&F ingredients need to better understand and predict availability of ingredients.

After almost 30 years in this industry, Alain Frix started his own company Allchemix-Biom in January 2020 . His passion for this industry, long experience combined with strong network and business friendships, are the basics to connect many questions with their solutions. 

Allchemix can help you better understand our F&F industry, provide guidance on your business plans, support commercial development, support access to raw material, and work on your future in connecting the right people and the right dots.


Allchemix BV is committed to a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of individuals in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018.

Allchemix BV may also use your e-mail address to send you our regular newsletters and other sales and marketing information, with your permission. You can opt out from receiving these newsletters and / or other sales and marketing information at any time by e-mailing

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